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Many of our career development services can be delivered in a workshop format. If your community group or organisation is interested, please contact us so we can discuss your specific needs.

Fiona and Tracey have experience in corporate and community based training on career development topics. Together they are a dynamic facilitation team! See below for some recommendations from our recent workshops.





[pullquote1 quotes=”false” align=”center” cite=”Mandy Beukes, HR Administrator, The Selwyn Foundation, June 2014″]I recently attended a workshop series on Career & Team Development that was presented by Tracey and Fiona from People Architects. I found both Tracey and Fiona easily approachable due to their warm personalities. The workshops were fun and I found the presentation truly attention-grabbing. The information was really helpful and refreshing. I was particularly fascinated with how well they worked together and most of all their confidence. So for those of you who want to take the next step in your career…you have just come across the key to open that door![/pullquote1]


[pullquote1 quotes=”false” align=”center” cite=”Janet Hird September 2012″]Tracey and Fiona from People Architects presented two excellent workshops recently at The Parenting Place in Auckland. They are right up with the play on what’s happening with employment today and I found their ideas refreshing and informative. They both came across as being very knowledgeable but were relaxed and full of enthusiasm when it came to tips for finding a job or a new career. I’m glad I came! Both Tracey and Fiona were very happy to answer questions and bounced off each other very well throughout the evening. I wouldn’t hesitate to meet one-on-one with either Tracey or Fiona to boost my confidence when looking for a job, together with helping to polish my CV.[/pullquote1]


[pullquote1 quotes=”false” align=”center” cite=”Sarah Sims, Programme Director, Equippers College, August 2012″]The Myers Briggs workshop conducted by ‘People Architects’ was exactly what we were looking for! Our students left feeling comfortable and confident in their unique ‘wiring’, and even more accepting of the differences they see in each other. Fiona and Tracey were professional and warm, encouraging the students and giving them great tools for understanding themselves and others. Awesome![/pullquote1]


 [pullquote1 quotes=”false” align=”center” cite=”Craig Allan, Associate Pastor, Hillsborough Baptist, March 2013″] We had the pleasure of utilising People Architects in 2012 with a group of ten first year university students. From the outset I was impressed with the thoroughness of Fiona and Tracey’s approach in that they were deliberate and detailed in their gleaning what it was that we hoped to achieve. The group of school-leavers found them engaging, knowledge-able and entirely relatable in their delivery and processing with individuals and the group as a whole. I can see a real niche for them in assisting young people in life and career development.[/pullquote1]