Who We Are

We met in 2005 when both working for a global recruitment company.  We kept in touch over the years and would often talk about our shared vision to support people on their career journey.  In 2011 we joined forces and People Architects was formed. Our purpose is to equip people for careers that fit their personality, interests, skills and values.

Tracey McDowall

As a qualified career coach and counsellor, I work holistically with you to ensure all aspects of your life are well considered when making career choices. Before starting People Architects, I worked in the recruitment industry, with roles in training and quality management. I have also been a face to face counsellor for A Girl Called Hope (an Auckland based residential programme for young women) and a phone counsellor for Youthline and Lifeline. I love assisting all types of clients on their career journey, but have a particular interest in supporting young adults to make study and work choices.


Fiona Brading

I’m passionate about helping people with their career journeys. Having studied career development and psychology, and with a background in recruitment and training, I’m equipped to work effectively with my clients.  I understand first-hand how challenging it can be to look for a job, reconsider career or study options, and return to paid employment after a break (I did this after having my 2 girls). Using proven career tools I can help you see through the fog and gain perspective and clarity on where you are at, where you want to head, and how to practically move forward.


Developing Careers That Fit.

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